Adrian Lambert
Adrian lambert
Alias: Ady Danger
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Date of Birth: April 26, 1972
Position: Former Drummer
Other Work(s): DragonForce, Biomechanical, Son of Science, Intense

Adrian Lambert (b. April 26, 1972 in Brighton) is an English bassist and songwriter that currently plays for the Progressive/Groove Metal band "Biomechanical" and Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock band "Son of Science". He also played bass in DragonForce from 2002-2006. He is currently touring with Biomechanical to promote the band's new album "Cannibalised". Lambert also joined a new as yet unnamed band led by former "Testament/Nevermore" guitarist Steve Smyth.


Lambert uses Ibanez SoundGear six string basses. He currently uses the Ibanez SR 1006EFM Prestige in natural flat and the SR506 in black. Lambert also uses the Sansamp bass driver DI.


Lambert has recorded 3 full-length albums. Notable tours include opening for "Iron Maiden" on their "The Early Days" European tour 2005. Notable festivals include main stage performances at "Wacken Open Air", "Bloodstock" and "Graspop". Lambert signed an artist endorsement deal with "Ibanez" in 2005.


Lambert is best known for his very fast playing style utilising a three-fingered picking technique with a six string bass. He is also known for playing guitar style solos on the bass and for using slap and pop and two-handed tapping bass techniques.


Son of Science: Adrian Lambert - Bass (2006-) (ex-Intense (UK), ex-Dragonforce (UK), Biomechanical (UK))

Biomechanical: Adrian Lambert - Bass (2007-) (ex-Intense (UK), ex-Dragonforce, Son of Science)


With IntenseEdit

  • 2004: Second Sight

With DragonForceEdit

  • 2004: Sonic Firestorm
  • 2006: Inhuman Rampage