Lindsay Dawson
Alias: "Behemoth"
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Position: Guest backing vocals
Other Work(s): Demoniac

Lindsay "Behemoth" Dawson is the New Zealand born musician and former bandmate of Sam "Heimdall" Totman and Herman "Shred" Li, of DragonForce fame, in their former black and power metal band, Demoniac, which was active throughout the 1990s. Lindsay was Demoniac's studio bass blayer, however a permanent bassist was hired to allow him to focus on his vocal performance. The band toured Europe with acts such as the bands Enslaved and Dark Tranquility. Dawson formed the band with Totman after recording two albums of heavy/black metal. Relocating to England to be within the metal scene in Europe, Dawson placed an ad in Metal Hammer and found Herman Li, with whom they recorded "The Fire and the Wind" as the last album for Demoniac before the band met its end.

He has appeared in his former bandmates' second most recent release, Inhuman Rampage, providing the harsh backing vocals featured in many of the songs.

As of now, Lindsay is working as a gardener and DJ in England.